Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Thought

As some of you know I no longer work for ProLab.  I am now working for T J Maxx in Bastrop, Texas.  We do cardboard recycling there.  That means all of the boxes get crushed and hauled away.  We get shoes in and we do not use the shoe boxes.  They go into the crusher and get moved on.  So one day I was in the back room looking at the mound of shoe boxes.  It seemed a shame to let them all go to waste.  What can I do to upcycle them?  So I took a few home.

They sat for weeks on the kitchen table with me just looking at them.  The old man was starting to get upset because I had "that trash" on the table.  Then it just hit me.  BAM!  You know how inspiration works.

Here is what I came up with:

I have developed a really cool technique that works for me when adding the decoration to the shoe boxes.  They will make GREAT keepsake boxes while you can put a personal gift into them for your friends and family.

The Lion

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