Monday, February 8, 2016

A Whole New Day!

Good morning!  It is a beautiful sunny day here in central Texas!

It has been a while since I have written and I have been through some life changing events.  I lost my Uncle to lung and liver cancer.  The circumstances that took place before and after his death have frankly left me shocked to say the least.  Very, very angry to say the most.  Through this I have come to some decisions.

I am changing my creative direction just a bit. Yes, I am keeping this blog and not starting a new one.  My past is a part of me and my art and it is a very beautiful one.  With out my past I would not have developed into  this wonderful future that I am walking into now.  Yes, I will still be crazy quilting but I will be doing it with a purpose.  I am doing some media art also.  I can't wait to share that!  There will also be some great giveaways in the future.

To start with I will be putting up a series of historical posts on quilting and related topics.  I am also working on a wonderful tutorial on how to use cotton  fabrics in crazy quilting.  I think cottons in CQ is a very undeveloped area of creativity but since most of the cottons out there are geared towards traditional quilting we have to be selective on what we use in CQ.

I am so looking forward to this new way of creating!  I hope that you will too!

The Lion

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