Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Something New

Can you guess what this is?

If you said the first three blocks to your new CQ then you would be right!  I started designing this crazy quilt last year in December.  It is for my CQ group that meets the 4th Saturday of every month.  (Yes, Renee I have arranged it so that my new job does not interfere with our meetings.)  These blocks belong to the first row of blocks.  I need one more color block and the row will be complete.

I have started working on the first of my blocks which is the green one.  As you can see I am using a vintage silkie on this block.

All of these block were designed to have a 6 inch doily added to the corners of the blocks.  As you can see from the above picture I have cut the doily in half so that I can attach it to the block.  I will also be adding embroidery to the seams and a bead and button cluster to this block.

As soon as I am finished embellishing this block I will post the pictures.


The Lion

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Suztats said...

Your block beginnings look great!