Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guess What Day It Is?

Yes, it is hump day!  Well hump day for me has bee kinda on the lazy side.  I really have not been feeling the "thing" today but other than that I think it has been good!  I am getting a little bit done.  I trimmed my Lita today.  I don't think that I have told you about her.

I was driving home from work one night.  It was towards sunset due to me waiting on one of my employees to go over his yearly review.  I was following behind this red truck when I saw something get thrown out of the window.  I kind of thought for the moment that looked like a dog.  I stopped and it was a dog.  It was Lita.  I did not know what name they had given her but Lita is what I call her.  I picked her up and took her home.  Made a vet appointment and the rest is history.  She is one of my best friends.  Lita has a few issues probably due to her history that of which I don't know but we are working through them.  She does not like men.  She is afraid of the broom.  Afraid of all loud noises and really afraid of electric trimmers.  This is not a good thing as the vet thinks she is a designer dog, a Maltipoo to be exact.  I get to trim her by hand due to her not liking clippers.  My poor little girl usually looks butchered though today she went to sleep while I was trimming her.  That is a great sign!  Lita is now sporting a cute little cut as close as I can come to a Lion cut with scissors.  Lita is a cutie she does like to dress up and put on necklaces.  All I can get for her the little sassy thing!

Here are today's pictures.  I hope that you enjoy them.


The Lion

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