Saturday, June 22, 2013

Christmas Stockings

Hard to believe it is the end of June and as we enter into the last week of the month my thoughts are turning to my annual Christmas Stocking Swap.  What to do, what theme should I go with this year.  Are there any suggestions out there?  Leave a suggestion in the comments and if your suggestion is picked I will send you one of my pin keepers.

The Lion


Arlene White said...

Hey Buddy,

I'd love to be in it again. How about one of these:

1. Traditional - Red and Green
2. 12 Days of Xmas
3. Since we did Silver last year, what about Gold for this year.
4. 3D (stumpwork or raised embroidery)

What ya think?


Suztats said...

How about Christmas flowers as the theme? Just one idea.

Lettetia Elsasser said...

I'm thinking of a Shabby Chic theme this year for our home. Chintz, Toile, and pretty pastels. What do you think?

Lettetia Elsasser said...
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Eileene said...

Well for me I'd love to do Santas. Please pick me.......hehehehhee and besides I've got a bunch of Santa beard to use up. hehehhe Eileene

Denise :) said...

Hmmmm...some good ones have already been mentioned! I was thinking along the lines of "JOY!" (that's a favorite theme of mine -- LOL!) or 'BAUBLES' (aka ornaments) or *GLITTER*!! Whoohoo! I'd like to participate, too!! Yay! :)