Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some People

I  was in Wal Mart today picking up milk and other items.  You know how some store visits go when you have a conversation with a complete stranger?  Well that is what happened today.  We were on one of my more favorite conversations.  A conversation about dogs.  Just an FYI the majority of my little babies are rescues.  Yes, this means that they are mixed breed dogs.  In the middle of our conversation this lady, whom I take to be a breed purest says to me; "All of your dogs are mutts?"  Really?  I told her; "No they are not all mutts!"  She says; "It sounds to me like they are."  At that our conversation started to deteriorate due to me really supporting animal rescues and the plain old mutt.  Before we finally parted she asked me what kind of pure bred dogs did I have.  I told her I had a pure Yorkie and a pure Scottie a Wheaton color one.  She exclaimed a Yorkie!  Did I know a good breeder?  I told her no but I do know a great rescue she could contact!

Please everyone, help keep animals alive, don't breed.  Adopt.  There are really pure breed rescues out there.  The pure bred dog is dumped just as fast as the mutt is and over crowded shelters euthanize them.  There are too many dogs and cats out there that are not fixed and having babies.  If you are looking for a great companion please contact a rescue or go to your local shelter.  Adopted animals make excellent companions and they have so much love and devotion to give.  Believe me I have plenty of love all around me!

Now I will get off my soap box and share today's pictures with you.

The Lion

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