Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Thoughts

As the recovery here in Bastrop, Texas continues we are all wrestling with our demons that were unleashed from the fire.  Some of us have had our homes taken from us in a matter of minuets and some of us are lucky enough to still have our homes.

We are witnesses to the best that human nature is and we are witness to the worst that human nature is.  Believe it or not there really was people going into the fire evacuation area through the hot spots and stealing from the people who have lost everything.  Believe it or not, there are really people giving their homes that they have thought of selling, and moving closer to family in another part of the state or country, to people who have lost their homes to the fire.  We are also seeing everything else you can imagine in between these two extremes.

As my family and I recover from the physical affects of the stress of having been evacuated, I have thought allot of my next post to my blog.  I do want to stress yes my home was still standing when we came back but we still have been through allot of "what ifs".  You know the kind the biggest is: What if the house is gone?  there are allot of families around us that are dealing right now with that "what if" right now.

Here is kind of a description of what we all went through here when we were told to evacuate:

First they were cutting the power off ahead of the fire so your power was cut.  Then the Sheriff or State Troopers came through your neighborhood telling you to get out, get out NOW.  Okay, do you have time to grab anything?  What do you grab? Clothes? Your dog/cat?  Photo albums? What about the hand prints from Kindergarten that you got for Mothersday/Fathersday from you children?  Their christening gowns?  Your grandmothers quilt?  Your jewelry?

What stays to be fire fuel what do you get to save for the future?

What if the fire was on you so fast, you did not get the warning from the law enforcement officers.  What if the only thing you could get out of your home with is just the clothes on your back?  What if you get to the end of your street and the fire has already beat you there and you just in the nick of time turn down the road to safety?  What if you did not beat the fire out?

What would you do?

The recovery here continues.

The Lion

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