Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bastrop, Texas Stash Replacement Efforts

As many of you ladies know by now I call Bastrop, Texas my home.  From my previous post everyone who follows my blog knows we have had a devastating fire.  There are lots of quilters and ladies who do the needle arts have not only lost their Stash but their homes also.

This first picture is of my friend Debbie H's home.  Debbie not only lost her home but her stash she is a sane quilter and a crazy quilter.  She also lost all of her Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, her award winning quilts.............All her memories.

This picture is of my friend Mary Nelle's home.  Mary Nelle is a sane quilter.  Mary Nelle lost her quilting stash along with her home.  She has lost Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stockings, her award winning quilts...........All of her memories.

These are only two of the quilters here in the Bastrop area who lost everything.  A friend of mine in Colorado has taken over relief efforts for all of Bastrop County quilters who have lost their stash in this huge fire. The following is written by Kathy Shaw:

My friend Shari Jensen, in Colorado is organizing a needle-art donation effort for ladies in Bastrop, TX that have lost their homes (and therefore their stash of needle-art supplies). We are only concentrating on helping to replenish their sewing rooms...not their home. This is being done through Shari's Yahoo Group...StitchMAP. I personally vouch for Shari and know that these things will go to the ladies in Bastrop.

Shari's husband will drive a huge trailer down to Texas once the donations are all in. She and a couple of other members will be going along...and meeting up with the Texas members of our group that are available. All donations will be organized at a local spot (coordinating with the local churches and Chamber of Commerce to obtain a suitable location...large enough, and free of course!). Once the known members that lost their homes are helped...the other donations will go to any other stitcher in the area. Coordination with local guilds, needle-art shops, and the Chamber are underway to identify these folks. After this group has selected items from the donations...the remainder will be given to area charities to be distributed through their venues.

We hope to make this a huge effort!

Please contact Shari at: .
As I know more about our area quilters I will post.  Thank you for all the support that my blog followers have given to me and the Bastrop County quilters.
The Lion

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shawkl said...

Sending healing hugs to all you Texas gals Lyn. I'd love to be there in person to give you each a big "squeeze", but we...your cyber stitching sisters...will do what little we can to send some comfort your way. HUGS!!