Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Am All Set

I took this week off from work to recharge.  I have been doing allot of that this year.  The most frustrating part of this year is my inability to find my happy medium.  Which brings up the question of why can't I?  Am I looking too hard for it?  Am I not trying hard enough?  All I know is it feels like I am starving for something and I can't find it.  That just brings  on a depression.

So I took this week off as a Birthday gift to myself.  Yes, my birthday was Sunday I am another year older.  I cleaned the house from the top to the bottom.  Cursing the old man the whole way.  He took two weeks vacation the later part of July and all he did was just mess the place up.  That probably added to my depression.  Between him and my youngest daughter I almost gave everything to them and moved.  I still might do that since they both want to work my nerves.  It is hard to be positive when you live with two negatives.  I digress.

Today I am to call my friend Shari then start on my quilting.  I tried to call her yesterday but she did not answer.  She was probably out buying more stash.  I hope to do that Friday as well as mail some coffee to Connie.  Mail some things to Shari and mail out a gift to Angela.  I digress again!

Becky, I received your Birthday Card.  Thank you!  I love it!  It gave me some inspiration and I have got out "Seanes" and am going to work on it!

I am also working on my stocking lesson.  For all of y'all in the Central Texas area I will be teaching it at our local quilt shop.  I am done with breakfast and ready for my day!  Shari are you home?

The Lion

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shawkl said...

If you find it...see if mine is there too! BTW, I got your card with the beautiful cigar paper...thanks so much!