Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pillow Swap

On StitchMap we had a swap over the summer.  It is a door hanger pillow swap.  This swap was chosen due to being able to use any needle technique on the pillow that you are to give away.  This is so that EVERYONE can participate in the swap.  No matter what needle technique you specialize in.  For this swap I chose to use silk ribbon embroidery on the pillows.  The theme was fall.  When I told my friend Shari the colors I chose to work with I thought that she wanted to strangle me.  I think what she really wanted to say to me is "No, you can't use pink this is a fall swap!"

What everyone has got to know is I live in Bastrop, Texas.  Bastrop is located right smack in the middle of the great big state of Texas.  What we have for fall colors is very different from the colors that people get say in Main?  Very different from the colors that you get in Colorado.  Heck our weather is just a tad warmer than those two locations for fall.  If we get rain we have the color green it is almost like spring.  If we don't get rain then things are VERY dusty here.  So mainly fall colors here in Central Texas are faded summer colors.  Those are the fall colors are what I chose to work with.

Here are the pictures of the two pillows that I made to send off:

See faded, muted colors.  My pillows come with some yellow for "POP"!  (Rag Weed is so prolific here in the fall!)  The best thing of all these are very Victorian colors!

The Lion

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