Sunday, November 28, 2010

Landscape Progress

 On this beautiful Sunday morning in central Texas I decided to take pictures of some of the projects that I am working on.  One of them is my landscape.  I was looking around the house for a great spot to photo my project and I could not find a really good spot.  So I I decided that outside was the best.  It is 49 degrees outside!  (I know, I know to the majority of y'all this is a heatwave but in central Texas that is pretty chilly!)  In order to get the right place I tough the great out doors!

Now on to my landscape.....I have been working on this one off and on for about 8 months now.  I have had other projects in between but for this year this is the big one.  The story behind this is one day I was in our local quilt store.  Just looking around, the store and there it was just sitting on the shelf!  It was a really great tree panel.  At that time images started popping in my head on how this panel would look and of course all of them different!  With those ideas and plans in mind I bought several panels with matching fabrics.

I took these great cotton fabrics home and started putting together my first of several landscapes.  After that I started working on the one that I am showing you today.

This top picture is of the whole project.

Here are close ups of the different parts of this CQ.

As y'all can tell I have been working from the top of the piece down.  When y'all get to these pictures y'all can really see where I am putting in more trees around the house.  I have started on the trunks with a chain stitch.  Y'all can also see where I have drawn these trees in so the vision of what the trees will look like when I am finished can be seen.

I still have a long way to go on it but I am thinking that this is a great start!

Here in the past year I have been playing a little with quality cotton fabric and silk embroidery floss and silk ribbon. I have got to let y'all know that I really like the way this combination is working for me. Oh, I still work with my fancy fabrics but I think that I will keep playing with the cottons also. It also helps that the owners of The Lost Pines Quilt Shop are very supportive of all types of quilting.  I have to let y'all know that she brings in some great Crazy Quilt supplies also!

I hope that y'all enjoyed this trip into my imagination!  I will be back later with some more!

The Lion

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