Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inspiration On A Sunday

This Sunday I am planning to just sit and stitch.  We all need that type of vacation from the world.  Where we never leave the bed, just stay in our night gown, turn on the TV and watch old movies and stitch.  I have a couple of stockings made to stitch on for The Lions Christmas Stocking Swap and have writers block so to speak.  Well anyway stitchers block!  So as I am browsing through my blog list just reading along I came across my friend Kathy's blog.   Kathy has the Twelve Dozen Stitches In Twelve Months.  Awesome inspiration!!  If anyone is having stitchers block I recommend going over to Kathy's blog and take a look at her inspirational stitches!

In addition to all those great stitches she is one super stitcher herself, ans she has some of her great eye candy put up on her blog also!  So if you are looking for something to do this Sunday go and check out Kathy's blog!


The Lion

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