Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stocking Update

Ladies I am still here.  I think any way.  My company decided to move my office from one space to another.  Thursday of this week I had concluded that I had slipped into the the 7th level of you know where.  I am off for the weekend finally and will post pictures of all the stockings that I have at this time sometime today.  We are still waiting on a stocking that is in transit.  I will begin addressing envelopes and hopefully get them out with no problem within the next week.

To be continued!

The Lion


shawkl said...

Hang in there at work...just keep chanting "this too shall pass". Take a baggie of gorgeous lace and trims to tuck in a drawer...when the going gets rough...start fondling them and thinking of better things! Ha!

Looking forward to photos of all the stocking this weekend!


Suztats said...

My stockings arrived, and they are lovely!
Thank you, Lyn, for hosting this swap!!