Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stocking Talk

As I am slowly coming around to the real world and leaving the anniversary of the Bastrop fire behind I was brought back to the happenings of today and my GREAT Stocking swap.  I wanted to start with my first updates that came to me on August 25th.  A lady who I have been cyber friends with for years and an excellent CQ teacher herself Arlene and her two friends Alison and Eva had a wonderful weekend stitching on their stockings.  All three are sending in stockings for the swap.

They spent the weekend before the 25th of August at Eva's house.  Guys Eva has a house overlooking Shute Harbor, Australia.  Awesome view!  They also attended a Quilt Show that weekend.  What a way to enjoy a weekend!

Here is a picture of Arlene's unfinished stocking.

You can see her stocking finished on her blog.

Here is a picture of Eva's unfinished Stocking.

Alison forgot her stocking for the photo shoot the day Arlene was taking pictures so we don't have a picture of hers but that just makes things more fun!

I do have more stocking updates to come I just need to break out my camera and get pictures uploaded.  I  have three that were sent to me already!  Just wait until you see these!

If you need my snail mail addy please email me privately at

The Lion

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Arts and Crafts said...

The girls will be up in two weeks, we're gonna post all three to you together then. Arlene