Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lion's 2010 Christmas Stocking Swap

Here they are the guidelines for my Christmas Stocking Swap. I hope that everyone has a chance to join in! I am hoping to start this swap and have a new one every year! Sssoooo, here is this years theme: Angels.

Remembering in to my childhood I could not wait for Santa to come! Remember the whole week before Christmas day you always tried not to make your mom yell at you? But you always wanted to smack your sister in the back of her head just because she was annoying you? Oh! Wait a minuet! That was me! That particular sister is now a correctional officer in McAllister, Oklahoma! She is able to annoy a whole new group of people!

The stockings:

Height: Stockings should be no taller then 11 inches high and no shorter than 8 inches high.

Width: Stockings should be no wider then 8 inches wide and no narrower then 4 and 1/2 inches wide.

Attention: Please, line the stockings in case your swap partner would like to use them for more than decorations!

You can send up to 4 stockings, stockings are to be hand embellished.(please no glue)

This swap will be a centralized swap. Stockings are to be mailed to me no later than December 15th. Please, send along with you stockings return postage. I will mail them back out to you no later than December 20th.

Sign up for this swap will close November 15th 2010.

Please, email me with any questions at glynpg@yahoo.com. Also please make sure I can get in contact with you so that you can get my mailing address to mail your stockings to me!

Remember to swap unto others!

The Lion

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Ruby said...

I love Christmas stockings!! Beam me up.....no no I mean SIGN me up. Just kidding!!