Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karrin's Birds And Bees RR Block

Here it is! I finished Karrin's Birds and Bees RR block! Through no ones fault I had received this block late so it is a little late getting sent off to the next stop. It will be on the way in tomorrow's mail.

Here is a picture of what I did:

Debby had used dark colors in the block particularly that beautiful red rose seam treatment! So I took the red and brought it up to the top of the block so it would not look lopsided. I gave Karrin a spider web, as a garden theme would not be complete without one. Every garden has a spider web! The seam treatments that I worked on the block I wanted to make like one of my favorite flowers. I call it the flame flower. I am not quite sure what the real name of it is but it is beautiful! I could not resist making a feather stitch seam treatment. On top of it all the SRE daisy's!

Now here is the kicker for this one. When I went to my monthly N' Stitches meeting Debbie H brought her new Di Van Niekirk book. In this book the author had a SRE flower that used stamen. I saw that and I thought that the technique used would look mighty pretty with these flowers. I read the directions at the meeting and came home and got out my stamen and worked them into the block. These flowers are beautiful! I wish that everyone could see these up close!

I also added the red butterflies and to pull some of the pastel colors down into Debby's corner I took out my new Sassa Lynne threads and made a chain stitch row right underneath the Beautiful red roses.As I received this block late and it did take me a little while to work my contribution into Karrin's lovely block..............
When you receive a block late do you rush through the block so that it can be sent on in time for the round or do you take your time to give the block owner your best work??
As you can see from Karrin's block my feelings on the subject. Karrin and everyone else deserves your best work, no rush jobs! So my apologies for holding up this RR. I am hoping that Karrin likes what I have added to her block!
Please, feel free to leave a comment on your feelings!


Karrin Hurd said...

I absolutely love what you have done on my block Lyn! I too feel that even though you receive a late block (of which I have several at various times) it is only fair to the person to give it your best and not rush through it. I appreciate you doing that for mine!

morvoren said...

Beautiful block work Lyn.
Love how you have worked with those colours as Iam begining to try and learn.
I agree....Late ot not I would always do my best work. People ''deserve'' to have our best no matter what, and I would be very annoyed with a ''rush job'' on one of my blocks...well thats my idea.

Myfanwy said...

Oooh! Lovely.